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       Would you like to know how the solar energy business is doing in Las Vegas and how it works? Are you inquisitive about bed bugs and how to check for them in your home or in your hotel rooms? If so, listen in to our radio show this Sunday, September 21st at 4:00pm... Read More


    Would you like to learn more about how you can protect yourself and your business from money laundering and fraud? Perhaps you’d like to hear about statements of identity and how they pertain to your real estate transaction. If these sound like you, you need to listen to our radio show this Sunday,... Read More


We welcome the month of September & Shelley back as we kick off this weeks show! On this weeks show we will welcome back Ron Quintero, the CEO of the Real Estate Radio Network (RERN)! He was a guest on our very first show and it is such a pleasure to have his expertise and knowledge back... Read More

Kari Phillips and Tracy Ruccia Join for Fun Facts

Harvey survived his last week without his co-host Shelley Brown last week thanks to Kari Phillips of Southern Fidelity Mortgage and Tracy Ruccia of Equity Title. They joined Harvey for the last leg of his radio show as he went over Headlines vs. Reality and two fun facts. Harvey’s Headline vs. Reality for last week... Read More

Tracy Ruccia Talks Buying vs. Renting

Equity Title’s Tracy Ruccia was welcomed back to Harvey and Shelley’s radio show as an expert guest contributor this week to talk about the tax advantages of buying and renting a home. In some cases, when a property goes up for sale, it can also go up for rent. Sometimes when that happens, the rent... Read More

Kari Phillips Dishes on Loans

Expert guest contributor Kari Phillips of Southern Fidelity Mortgage was welcomed back on Harvey and Shelley’s radio show last Sunday to discuss loans with Harvey. When buying a home, many people require some sort of loan. A few years ago, it wasn’t difficult to get a loan at all for a home. Not many lenders... Read More

Cliff Marcek Chats About District Judges

Cliff Marcek of Marcek Law joined Harvey last Sunday with some riveting information for our listeners. During his appearance, Cliff took the time to discuss what all goes into running for district judge and what options Clark County voters have this year. This year, all judges in the running for department seats will be on... Read More


    Thinking about buying a home but worried about getting a loan or even what loan you should get? Curious as to what information is crucial to get from an escrow company? Maybe you’re just wondering what all happens when you run in a local election. If any of these sound like thoughts you’ve... Read More

Daniel Chung Discusses Retirement Strategies

Expert guest contributor Daniel Chung dropped by Harvey and Shelley’s show this week with excellent information for our listeners. During his August 17th segment, Daniel discussed 401(k)s and other venues people can look at for investing when it comes to retirement. Harvey asks Daniel if you should max out your 401(k) when you get a... Read More

Joey Toth Buzzes About Bees

Joey Toth with Pitbull Pest Control buzzed by for yet another informative segment for our listeners about the various critters we have here in Las Vegas. For his August 17th appearance, Joey kept his main focus on bees, the difference between Africanized and European honeybees, and how to deal with them. Bees are a crucial... Read More